Slimming World!

Last Christmas, I decided I’d had enough of being a fatty. I’d been slowly gaining weight for years and was at my heaviest ever last year. Yes, I’d given birth last July but that wasn’t an excuse. I was fat and miserable with it.

So I joined Slimming World on January 7 this year.

Best. Decision. Ever.

I can’t believe I’d never done it before because it really does work. You get to fill up on delicious foods and still lose weight. That chocolate bar you’ve always enjoyed is not out of bounds and you can still eat pasta, potatoes and bread. Happy days!

Like every eating plan, it does take determination and some planning to ensure you’ve got the right foods in your cupboards and fridge but it is so worth it.

I’m down 2st 10.5lbs now and two dress sizes. And yep, I actually wear dresses now.

This picture on the left was taken just before I started Slimming World and the right is a couple of weeks ago. Think the comparison proves I’ve made progress since starting!



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