img_1717Clue is in the title. I am so out of ideas of what is going on with the Biggest at the moment.

She started school in September. Loves it, made loads of new friends, works hard, learning so much stuff I didn’t even think a four year old could understand.

But then she comes home. And hell is unleashed.

I know she’s overtired and she’s picked up a cough but we just seem to be unable to help her with anything.

The biggest issue is that she’s hardly eating, which is super bad because she only eats about ten things in total when she’s on top form anyway, and just sits at the table and sobs, pleading to go to bed. At 430pm.

I’ve tried giving her something to eat as soon as she walks in the door.

I’ve tried cooking or making what she asks for.

I’ve tried snacks instead of a meal.

Nothing works. She just cries and is miserable.

The only thing that’s left is to approach the school nursing team, as the headteacher said on our induction morning that they are able to help with eating issues and even link up with child psychologists if necessary. I think with her always having had issues with food – for the last two years, so it’s definitely not a phase – a psychologist might not be a bad shout as long as it’s not going to freak her out.

Generally speaking, I don’t like the idea of reward charts for eating because it’s something she should be doing as a matter of course anyway but maybe I should consider it while things are this bad?

I don’t know.

I just can’t express how sad this is making me. I’m going out of my mind with worry and I feel so helpless. If you’re a parent reading this, you’ll know there’s many a time when you feel helpless, it comes with the territory, but this is the worst she’s ever been and so it’s the worst I’ve ever felt.

I just hope we can find some answers soon before she starts to drop weight or gets quite poorly




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