Family time


We’ve had a great (well overdue!) family day today. We went into Leicester for the Christmas market. Parking queues were ridiculous as always at the weekend but all was good after we got on to the Highcross roof top car park. We had lunch at one of my favourite cafes, Cafe Dido in The Lanes, then went to peruse the market. It smelt divine. Totally not Slimming World friendly, particularly the day before weigh day! Managed to avoid most but bought handmade fudge for my post weigh treat tomorrow. Also got a few little pressies for Mr James’ parents and my dad, which I know they’ll love.


I also bought this gorgeous glass Christmas tree. The lady had some beautiful handmade things but I showed restraint and bought just this!

We then wandered over to the big wheel. The cages had glass but were also quite open so many of them had wet seats. Luckily it wasn’t hugely busy so we got in one that was nice and dry! It was murky today but you could still see across Bradgate Park in the distance and the city in front of us for miles. Three times round was plenty, we were all a bit bored by the last one, Poppy especially.


Mr James took the youngest for her afternoon nap so Poppy and I could do a little crafting. I’ve got so many things I want to make but that ol devil time stops me from even starting anything most weeks. Poppy painted a long wrapping paper tube and I did a shadow box. Oh and she spilt glitter all over her and the table twice 🙄 but nothing the trusty Dyson couldn’t fix.

So all in all, a lovely family Sunday. Next time we do this will probably be Christmas because Mr James’ work commitments are a bit mental and I’m going to the cinema with my sister on his only other Sunday off before the festivities (cannot wait!!)

Hope you’ve all had a great weekend. Back to the grindstone tomorrow.


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