The Imperfect Christmas Is Perfect

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”

Yeah, I truly believe this. I love Christmas and even more so now I’ve got my little ladies. I unashamedly have been using my Santa mug for nearly a fortnight and I’ve bought some fab festive t-shirts and a hoody I can’t wait to pull on soon.

What I don’t love about this time of the year is all the pressure to deliver The Perfect Christmas. You’ve apparently got to have everything amazingly perfect on these couple of days – the food, the house, the tree, the garden, the wrapping…


In my book, Christmas is about having your family round, overcooking a turkey, running out of gravy, not having enough chairs for everyone, falling asleep in front of the Queens Speech, not spending a small mortgage on the presents…. generally enjoying each other’s company while scoffing a ridiculous amount of chocolate, indulging in super calorific puddings, watching Only Fools And Horses and laughing when the oldies get squiffy then fall asleep from full tummies.

The pressure to have society’s idea of The Perfect Christmas is all around us though and that’s why people end up frazzled and frustrated and ultimately hating the whole festive season. Such a shame.

So please, instead of spending your salary on The Best Toy In the Entire World Ever, getting annoyed with wonky trees and uneven decorations or googling the heck out of the internet for Perfectly Fluffy Roast Potatoes, just take a breath and remember that Christmas is actually about love and sharing.


One thought on “The Imperfect Christmas Is Perfect

  1. chicmom2016 says:

    Great point! Funny thing, just the other day I was on Google trying to find the juiciest turkey recipe, I want my turkey to be the best Turkey as of yet 😒 Why do we do this to ourselves?


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