Every moment counts

Today, I was working and had the tv on in the background. This isn’t unusual as I hate working in silence, bizarrely I can never concentrate if there isn’t some kind of noise going on. Generally, I don’t take much notice of what’s on – bar the soap gossip, Gok Wan and when The Schofe and Holly get the giggles over something daft (seriously, they’re just the best matched tv presenting couple aren’t they?)

Something caught my ear today though. They were talking to a man whose story has been turned into a film, starring the gorgeous Emilia Fox as his wife.

The backstory is this: Kate and Singe Greene married and had two boys, Reef and Finn. In 2010, after a period of feeling unwell, Kate was diagnosed with breast cancer.

In her dying days, she set about writing a “wish list” or a set of hopes and ambitions for her family she would be leaving behind – she pleaded with Singe to take the boys to watch Ireland v England rugby, buy them orange Club biscuits, go roller skating in a museum, visit Egypt, kiss the boys twice…you get the idea. Loads of fun stuff and average, normal, every day things that matter.

Kate sadly passed away at the tender age of 37 in 2010. 37.

Singe, loyal to his love, set about compiling the requests she’d made and started carrying them out.

Book publishers heard of the story and in 2012, Singe released the soon to be best seller, Mum’s List. It’s now printed in 22 languages and the film hits the cinemas tomorrow.

So I sit in silence, tears pouring down my face at hearing this story for the first time. I wonder where on earth this man gets his strength from.

I just can’t imagine life without my other half. I can’t imagine not being here to share parenting responsibilities with him. I can’t imagine my girls’ life without one of us. It is too heartbreaking to think about.

Singe is warm, positive and calm. Jovial even. There is no sadness or bitterness that this cruel disease has robbed him of his wife. Instead, he is telling one of the most romantic, heartbreaking, heartwarming stories I’ve ever heard in my life; the courage of a woman, a mother, aged 37 (my current age) who was injecting her sons’ future with every ounce of love and happiness she could muster, while staring at death face on.



So tonight, my girls have been kissed and cuddled a ridiculous amount of times and thanks to the wonderfully brave Kate and amazing Singe Greene, I fully intend to make every second of my life count.

And yes. I will be writing a list of my own.


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