Emergency planning with a fournado


The other week, I had a crippling migraine. I’ve never had a nice migraine, as I’m sure other sufferers will agree, but this one was a particularly nasty chap. Husband text me when he got to work to check how I was but I’d not seen it so he was starting to get worried that something had happened.

It got us thinking, with him working late shifts and an hour away from home, what would happen if I fell or collapsed? If I was at home during school time, I’d be with the youngest and she could definitely not do anything so I’d be literally in the lap of the Gods. I’d just have to hope one of the eldest’s friend’s mum’s would bring her home and realise something was wrong. Frightening.

But if the fournado is home, we thought we should probably have a plan in place.

We are blessed to live in a wonderful, small cul-de-sac with a couple of other young families, so she feels comfortable with them. As a result, we’ve told her that if anything happens she needs to:

*Check where her sister is – is she safe, shut her in the room where mummy is (so she won’t go wandering and hurt herself)

*Open the front door, don’t shut it behind her (she wouldn’t be able to get back in otherwise)

*Go to one of two neighbour’s houses and bang on the door until someone opens up

*Explain mummy is unwell and go back to mummy and littlest

*Give them my phone to call daddy, nanny (my mum) or grandma (mother in law)

We’ve obviously gone through this with the neighbours too, so they know they’re on our In Case Of Emergency plan!

It feels so frightening to even discuss this with her but she is now at the age where she could actually save a life by just having this little, simple plan in place.

Do you have any similar plans or have had the discussion with your children? Any more tips are most welcome, so do share.


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