My Fussy Eater – an update

Well, well, well.

After my mini meltdown the other week, I tried to stop worrying about what The Biggest was or wasn’t eating. A huge thank you to the friends and family who’d passed on messages and comfort – you helped me release the upset and worry I’d been feeling for a long time.

And so, with not much care, I continued to serve up some standard James family foods and expected the Littlest to scoff it and Biggest to refuse.


Biggest actually ate stuff. Even asked for potato waffle, which has never happened before.

She seems to have gained an appetite! At the age of four and a half!

And this week, I have almost fainted in delight twice when she tried – and enjoyed – some of Littlest’s porridge. The second time, yesterday morning, she even asked for her own bowl of it. Again, this has never ever happened.

So if you’re reading this and are worrying about your fussy eater, panic not. It could take two years, like my Biggie, but this phase will pass.

I just hope that maybe next Christmas, we will be able to all eat a roast turkey dinner for the first time ever!


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