Christmas + diet. Hahahahaha!

IMG_2290.JPGI was so determined not to eat my weight loss in chocolate, cheese and Christmas pudding this festive season but, you know what, I failed.

Well, that’s harsh, I didn’t totally fail but I did gain 4lbs between my weigh ins and I know for a fact I have gained more since because it was my birthday on Wednesday and for the first day in months, I went crazy off plan. All delicious but woah, I felt horrific and had bad indigestion as a result.

so I’ve started afresh and went to the supermarket yesterday for heaps of fresh goodies that my body is crying out for.

Seems crazy to say but I already feel so much better after nearly two days back on plan. I think my body is used to the good stuff and so when it has the bad stuff, it almost aches again.

We have booked our summer holiday already so I’m really hoping I can stick to plan and get my target – just over a stone to go – before we go. Just need to throw out those mince pies first….


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