Primark in sportswear shocker!

I had some rare time to myself yesterday and took myself off to the local out of town shopping centre.

It’s funny really, I know I need time away from the kids and the house but actually, once I’m out, I want to get back home and get pawed at by my snotty little bunny and pestered for chocolate by the biggest!

Anyway, I went and spent some of my Christmas and birthday money.

Marks and Spencer had a great sale on cosmetics, homewares and Christmas decorations so I couldn’t help myself. Then into Superdrug to top up my bathroom shelf goodies. And finally, I get to Primark.

Oh I love Primark.

There’s just something about it for me. Especially now, when I’m losing inches and don’t want to spend a fortune on modern clothes every month. I particularly love it for the girls too.

It’s a 2017 thing for me to start the Couch to 5K programme but I didn’t realise that Primark did a great range of gym wear until I stumbled across them yesterday. I managed to scoop running leggings, a sports top, hoodie and a new sports bra from the one shop. They feel good fabric and of course, the price was amazing. Even the husband was impressed and he’s a crazy snob when it comes to fabrics and brands. I’ve washed them already, ahead of their first outing later this week, and they seem just as good. Can’t wait* to get them on, start pounding those streets and shedding this last stone I need to get rid of.

*Obviously, I have lost almost three stone in the last 12 months but the actual thought of me, running, in those leggings in the daylight… I shall have to put out an apology to my friends and neighbours in the local paper! Updates on my running will undoubtedly follow…


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