Run, mummy, run!

Spurred on by members of my amazing slimming world group, I decided that January would be the month I started running. Well, jogging to be more precise. At the moment anyway!

Mr J is a seasoned runner, with 10Ks, half marathons and six full marathons under his belt – and with a PB of 3hrs 12m, he’s pretty good at this whole running lark. He used to work as a personal trainer in a luxury spa/gym too, so fair to say he’s quite a decent person to have on your side (although I currently have the hump with him after he wasn’t very nice to me last night and still hasn’t apologised!) He knew I wanted to start running and so for my birthday he bought me some ace trainers.

It took me until Monday night to pull them on and go running but finally, I’m off! Loved my first session and I went out again tonight, despite quite heavy rain.

I’m following the Couch to 5k programme that the government/NHS have put together to help non runners/novices go from nothing to being able to run a 5k in eight or ten weeks. It seems a really sensible plan and should help me gradually build up my fitness.

Not sure I’ll ever be up for competing like Mr J…. but then I never imagined I’d lose weight through a slimming group or even contemplate running so who knows?! All I do know is that this weight loss and fitness thing is not only helping to get my body into shape, it’s also building my self confidence back up through time by myself as Mrs J, not mummy or wife.


Who the heck goes out running on a Friday night in the rain?!


One thought on “Run, mummy, run!

  1. Emma Wynd says:

    This is brilliant, well done. I try to go out running when I can, depending on childcare, but it takes alot of willpower to do it. Keep it up. X


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