Terrible 2s. Early. Send help.


The big girl never did this. She never threw herself on the floor of a shop in a heap. She never screamed or shouted or rolled about like the world was coming to an end because I took something off her. But then, she’s a totally different child to this little lady.

It’s so hard as a parent of multiple children because it’s impossible not to compare their attitudes, behaviours and characteristics. Although we parent our girls exactly the same (more on our methods another day), it’s a total shock when the youngest does something completely different to her sibling.

But what do you do? Well, we just kind of roll with it and make it up as we go along.

The biggie always reacted really well to the use of a stern voice. You said “No” and she stopped whatever it was she was doing, whether climbing up on the TV stand or throwing books at the windows.

The pocket rocket, though, merely laughs in your face. Honestly. Actually. Laughs. In your face.

She sees everything as a challenge; she climbs on the kitchen table, you say “no”, she laughs, you take her off, put her down, turn round, and she’s up there again in the blink of an eye. Then repeat this process several times over. It’s like she wants to see how many times you can actually go through it all over and over. Oh and she giggles throughout.

She was furious a few weeks ago when she realised that we had added locks to our kitchen cupboard doors to stop her going in an empting the contents all over the floor. No really, ALL the contents. ALL over the floor. There’s only so many new jars of cumin you can buy because your toddler decided to re-decorate your kitchen with it…

But this moment in Boots, where she wholeheartedly threw herself on the floor, this is the start of the Terrible Twos I’m pretty sure.

Please say a prayer, friends, I’m going to need all the help I can get!


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