Ooh la la!

It’s French focus week at the big girl’s school, which means I’m getting a lot of gibberish from her that’s apparently French.

i don’t mock it though as I’m so proud and delighted that she has such amazing opportunities at such an early age. I first started learning French at 10, when we moved to middle school, and I took well to it. I’d have been even better if I’d have started earlier I’m sure.

I know not every school gives their younger pupils these opportunities but biggie gets an hour of French lesson with a real life French lady every Tuesday. How incredible is that? They’ve learnt about colours, greetings, fruit, days of the week…simple things through games and fun with their friends.

I don’t know if it’s just our individual school or county who do this but I do know my nephew in Staffordshire and niece in Cheshire (both year one) don’t have French as a weekly lesson, which is a real shame they’re not all getting the same education chances.

I’m not saying I’m expecting her to be fluent by year six or she’ll be embracing French culture (though I like the two hour lunch thing!) but these chances to learn languages in a fun environment surely pave the way for potentially great life opportunities.

Tres bien, I say!



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