Five people I have new found respect for since having babies

I’m in a loving kinda mood today – maybe it’s all this Valentines Day tripe that is influencing me – so I’m going to lay out the five sets of people I have a new found respect for since we had our first born in 2012…

  1. Parents of twins. That’s two newborns, folks. Then two toddlers. Then two threenagers… wowsers. Parenting on a whole new, higher level. I struggle with containing my fournado and toddler, I’d never get out of the house if I had two of the same age! All that running in different directions, getting two of everything, twice the mess, how on earth do they do it?! If you’re a parent of twins, or triplets, I salute you.
  2. Parents who have small age gaps between their children. Jeez, you deserve a high five for actually getting the time/having the energy to even make a baby while you have a young baby! I can’t imagine having two under two, or even less of a gap. I have a few friends with this set up and so I know how scary this is in the beginning, however, the kids are actually the bestest of buddies a few years down the line and I guess this is the payback for the horrific early days.
  3. Couples who’ve lost multiple babies. The strength these guys must have to carry on is immense. Not many more words for this group of people, just utter respect and typically mushy Mrs James hugs and love.
  4. People who give you a knowing smile, arm squeeze or lovely compliment just as you’re about to lose your cool. You know the sort, other mums who know that exact feeling of rage bubbling to the surface but trying to keep a lid on it because you’re in a public place. Before I had children, I’d have called these people interfering but these angels just want to save you and quickly jump in with a well timed, calm and caring comment, like “aaah, isn’t she beautiful?” “hey, little one, are you helping mummy do your shopping?” or, the best I’ve ever had, “mummy, you’re doing great”. I find this group of people mostly in M&S or supermarkets, where my littlest one decides to throw the most epic of strops because I won’t let her shoplift or something equally as annoying to her. This is an example of Motherhood United and this behaviour makes me all fuzzy inside; being a mum is flippin hard work and looking after other mums is a wonderful act of solidarity.
  5. People who work in childcare. Well, more specifically, those who run baby groups several times a week and deliver the same fantastic service on a Friday afternoon that they gave on Monday morning. Seriously, how do they keep their energy and enthusiasm going? Aaaaall week. Wheels on the Bus or Wind The Bobbin Up a gazillion times in five days and always sang with such gusto. Take a bow, you’re amazing.

So there you go, my list of lovely people. On a day I have rage, I’ll do a less lovely list 😉

Happy weekends folks xx


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