Super Slimmers, my reaction

The other night, we watched a documentary about so called “super slimmers”. It was about people who had lost a truck load of weight and the programme was catching up with them to see if they’d kept it off a few years down the line.

There were several slimmers who were the focus of the programme. Diets that the case studies had followed included Ligher Life (a diet that promotes shakes as meal replacements), Rosemary Conley, Slimming World and a chap who’d won Biggest Loser over in the States. They’d all lost a phenomenal amount of weight and their stories were amazing.

As I follow Slimming World, I was interested to see the case study involved had been Woman of the Year. She was such a pretty woman and looked fantastic at her target weight. However, I was really disappointed they didn’t talk about the plan or how it works. The plan is certainly not the same, unhealthy way of dieting as one that believes shakes and bars can provide the vitamins and minerals, fibre and calcium a human body needs to survive – yes, Lighter Life, I am looking at you!

Throughout the entire TV programme, there were a few experts talking about how diets don’t work and that such a crazy high percentage of people who lose weight will put it back on and more. An American woman in particular was so negative, every comment was how it’s bad and doesn’t work etc. It drove me totally bonkers.

so what does she expect us overweight folk to do? Just stay fat? Not bother with the humiliation of the scales every week? Just lap it up and moan? Urgh. What. Ever.

I know that some people will regain some of their weight once getting to target. That’s why slimming world target members remain welcome to weigh every week for free to keep them on track. And I’m not unsavvy when it comes to business, I know that the dieting industry is huge and that it makes money from people being fat and slipping up on more than one occasion.

But really? Was it necessary to be so negative for a whole hour?!

They made me feel like they were laughing at me for joining a group and that they would’ve turned round to me when I get to target and say “yeah, well done, but you know it won’t last, fatso! Keep hold of your fat jeans for when you need them…”

A member of my group said she believed the experts were saying those who lose weight quickly are the ones who will gain it all again. They may have been, of course, but personally, I found it negative and not a true representation of the millions of people who follow healthy eating plans and keep the weight off.


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