Slimming woes… but fresh motivation

Monday is my Slimming World weigh day. The meeting is first thing in the morning so it’s great because I don’t eat or drink until I’ve stepped off the scales. However, it’s what I’ve been eating after stepping off the scales that got me a 1lb gain today and not a huge loss for weeks now.

There was a sign at my old SW group that said “step off these scales and straight into next week’s results.” And sadly it’s true. You just can’t cheat the numbers and my syns have been well and truly finding me out recently.

I’ve always had treat Mondays, where I have a frothy coffee, cake, takeaway, cake, sweets, cake, chocolate or cake, maybe all. I’ve seen it as a way to get me through the week, that I can stick to plan the rest of the week…. but right after I’ve had this, and maybe a cake. (Ok, you get the idea, I ❤️ Cake!)

After half term last week, when I had two days quite a bit off plan while we were away Monday and Tuesday, it wasn’t a surprise that I gained today. In fact, it was quite a flattering number as I definitely deserved a bigger gain! I’d just eaten and eaten and even when I was on plan, I think I over-ate rather than just ate to satisfy my hunger. I’d also not drank enough water and probably not had enough speed on my plate every meal.

Even knowing this, though, it still didn’t feel good when the lovely Denise at the scales said “that’s a one pound gain…”😢

But this is not going to get to me. If anything, I feel super motivated.

I’ve got a stone to target and I want to be wearing shorts, Capri pants, some lovely summer dresses and skirts when we go on holiday in July. I want summer holidays photos I am happy with and proud of.

So I bought a six week countdown at group (you pay for six weeks at once and get one week free) which will get me focussed on losing as much as I can in these six weeks. I also bought a fab SW journal where I can jot down all my food every day, plan my meals and keep notes as I go along.

img_2870I then bought a new swimming costume and goggles and intend to swim twice weekly. I’m a strong, fast swimmer and I enjoy it (minus the smell of chlorine and the getting out/dressed bit) so it should be easier for me to stick to. I enjoy the running and I’ll still go every now and then, but it makes my knees hurt!

I think as I’ve lost the three stones already and I’m into that final 14lbs, any off plan habits are showing me up more. There’s less room to hide, if that makes sense?

It slightly worries me that it’s looking like I’ll need to be consistently following SW forever if I don’t want to regain but that’s a worry that can wait until I’m at target. Which will be before I board that plane in July…


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