All hail, Mr J ❤️

Mr J was given notice of his redundancy a few weeks back. He’s been with the company for more than a decade so it’s a big deal, even though it wasn’t a huge shock announcement because of the way the betting industry is going.

Mr J has basically been watching sport for the last 11 years and getting paid very well for his troubles, so any new job would be quite a departure from this.

He’s a super hard worker and in all the years we’ve been together, he’s had three days off sick. A dream employee by all accounts.

When he found out that redundancy was on the cards, I panicked. It’s such a niche industry and his job has been very specialised so I didn’t think there’d be any chance of him finding another role that he’d love. Plus, arrrrgh, we love this house, we have the girls, holiday plans….we can’t entertain the idea of losing such a great salary.

Oh ye of little faith. When will I learn not to worry? When will I realise he’s not a panicker and just gets on with a solution?

He’s pulled out all the stops and has landed himself a freelance on-course position – similar to what he has been doing but actually at the dog tracks or racecourse. Amazing!!

It means he will be travelling across the country but most of the tracks are within a couple of hours, so he will still be at home until late afternoon or, when he covers morning race meetings, he will be back in time for school pick up.

We don’t know when the redundancy will happen, just at some point this year, but it’s incredible that he’s been able to squeeze in this new role around his current job (even if it is resulting in us girls missing him a lot!) The company have been characteristically fantastic with him and so things are looking bright for him.

Although I never usually talk about Mr J – I respect the fact he doesn’t “do” social media – I’m so proud of him for getting himself into this great position, without visible panic or stress, that I just couldn’t ignore this. Especially when it’s such a key moment in our little family’s life. Love you Mr J ❤️

*i fully reserve the right to moan when I get bored of having to bath the girls alone 😉



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