Mum truth #1 : Nits


This is a true story of motherhood. They will not tell you this in your NCT classes.

And it creeps up on you when your baby goes to school, just as you think you’ve got this mummy thing all sussed. Well, sorry, but you haven’t.

Yep, you’ve mastered teething signs, got through the whole colic and reflux palaver and possibly you’ve started to get some quality sleep (well done, we haven’t got that yet) but then Big School happens. And it’s a brand new parenting ball game.

The nit note comes round. It’s a red piece of paper at our school. You know, just so we don’t miss the fact that Things have taken up residence in one or more of our darling’s classmate’s hair, so to check our own hair for friends of the Things.

And even though you know your precious child will almost certainly get nits at some point in her school, it still makes you itch when you say nits.

Are you itching now? I’m itching now.

Pass the nit comb!


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