Mum Truth #2 : World Bloody Book Day

Yay, your baby has started school! So grown up now, look at them in their cute little school uniform, holding their book bag and gabbling on about phonics and numeracy.

And for you, wow, here come the invitations to parents evenings, harvest festivals, Christmas plays, sports days. Such proud moments. Even the aforementioned Nit Note is actually a kind of milestone in an odd, vile way.

Now your baby is at school, you get a weekly newsletter from the headteacher, telling you all about this week’s learning focus, how the community cop came round last week to talk about stranger danger and what exciting stuff is happening next week.

And then, reading this week’s newsletter, you spot it.

World Book Day. Dress up for the day like a character in a book.


So I actually have to spend time looking at kids books where there’s a character that travels, to fit in with this year’s theme? And dress my child up like that character?!

I know how seriously some parents take things like this – and if you’re one of them, I apologise if this is going to offend you and salute you for your efforts – but honestly, I’ve better things to do with my life than fashion some kind of spectacular outfit out of new or old clothing and materials to fit with some flippin theme for six hours.

I’m totally all for books and both of ours have enjoyed reading since a very early age and I genuinely love our school and will always support them in everything… but, urgh, dress up days at school are now on my Dislike List.

(By the way, the biggest may well go as the girl in Going On A Bear Hunt!)



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