It’s biggest’s birthday weekend!

Somehow our darling Biggest is going to be five on Sunday. I have no idea how this happened. It seems just moments ago that she was conceived (in Hamburg FYI), we were seeing her on the ultrasound screen, she was causing me sickness, she was born, she was teething, she was keeping us awake (oh, that’s still happening!), she was crawling, then walking, then talking… and in the blink of an eye, boom, she’s five.

She’s taught me such a lot about life and myself. Mostly that I know absolutely chuff all!

But seriously, she has changed our lives. For the better.

She’s definitely got some attitude, she answers back, she’s bolshy, she drives me potty, she screams at her sister and I (daddy is mostly exempt, obviously!), she gets jealous of her sister, she’s not amazing at sharing, she has issues with sleeping and eating… but she’s bright as a button, she’s full of energy, she’s funny and – what I’m most proud of – she’s thoughtful, kind and loving.

Two school mums have told me on separate occasions that it’s purely thanks to Biggie that their girls have settled and are happy at school. The most recent occasion was this week – a mum new to the area, her daughter didn’t know a soul here but she said she’s settled in and is loving school “because of Biggie”. I can’t tell you how those words brought a tear to my proud, tired eyes.

So this birthday weekend, we have lots of fun planned. Tomorrow, she’s having a princess party with her school friends (Cinderella will be joining them for the celebration!) and on Sunday, the four of us are off to a local zoo with my parents, sister, nephew and parents in law. It should be a fantastic weekend and I’m really looking forward to celebrating with her.


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