Twin Lakes: our review (belated!)

School holidays in this house means a trip to a theme park! We are really lucky to live in the Midlands because there’s so many to choose from. This holiday, we chose Twin Lakes near Melton Mowbray.

It takes us a leisurely 40 minute drive through beautiful Leicestershire countryside to get to there and when we arrive, just shortly after it opens at 10am, there’s plenty of space in the humongous car park.

As we’ve paid online to get a better price, we just have to show our email confirmation to the lady on the turnstiles and we are in. There’s a lovely path from the turnstiles to the barn complex, with grassy areas on both sides – this time, as its Easter, there’s some very cute wooden bunnies within the grass and coloured eggs hanging from the trees. When we came at Halloween, the area was decorated totally differently, but equally as fabulously (I shan’t disclose exactly how, in case the park do it again!)


The park is divided into different themed areas and we head to Action USA section first. There’s an amazing adventure playground here, one for over 5s and a newer one for under 5s – so perfect for our littlies. Both playgrounds have deep wood chippings on the ground and there’s plenty of picnic tables to rest at.

Also in this area is a mini American village, complete with small wooden bank, forge, church, saloon and jail for the little ones to run wild in. There’s a play area with a swings, roundabout and slide too.

There’s also a go-kart track, water dodgems, sand dune buggy rides, a buffalo rollercoaster and an amazing dry ski slope type ride, where you sit in an inflatable ring and whizz down to the bottom in heaps of giggles (if you’re biggie… and Mr J!)

On to the next area, our next ride is the Caterpillar rollercoaster. It’s a huge hit with biggie because it’s just about the right size for her. She chose me to ride with her and this time, I loved it thanks to being three stones lighter and fitting in the seat properly J

In this little area, there’s also a pirate ship, a big sandpit – massive thumbs up from the smallest guest – and a ride for older children and adults, where you lie on your front while it goes faster and faster and higher and higher. Biggie saw it going round and basically forced her daddy to go on it then spent the duration of the time he was riding to giggle and point at him going a bit pale!

neil icarus

Red Rooster Farm is always a hit with us too. There’s goats, pigs, donkeys, sheep and – my fave – alpacas. For a long time, I’ve said that when I win the lottery, I’ll be buying horses and alpacas. I don’t know why but I just love them! Biggie skipped through the farm section this time because she was hungry but littlie was loving the sheep and kept saying “baaaa” (one of her very few words!) when the lambs made any movement or noise.

Lunchtime was calling and so off we go into the large barn. There’s plenty of chairs and tables and – what I think is a massive pull for Twin Lakes – indoor rides and a soft play area. The food is pretty basic, mainly fried and greasy burgers and chips or stodgy sandwiches and baguettes, but I had a yummy jacket potato with cheese and beans.

When I was a child, I have vivid memories of reading and watching Wind in the Willows so I was thrilled to get on a ride dedicated to this wonderful series. You step into a round boat, kind of like the type they have for the rapids, and off you go into a dimly lit, quiet, calm circular journey, taking in little glimpses of Toad Hall, the woods, Badger’s house… all complete with models of Toad, Mole, Owl, Badger and the Weasels! It was just terrific.

The girls had a lovely time in the soft play area before we went out again into the cold.

One of biggie’s favourite rides is the Jousting, where the child sits on a horse and it follows a criss crossing track. She decided she is big enough to do it alone this time… so she did. Four times in fact. She got a bit cocky the last time and I was surprised she didn’t fall off when she was all “ooh no hands, no hands!” It’s not easy being a mummy on the sidelines when your daughter goes daft like that!

post joust1

Littlie was desperate for a swing and slide on the play area, so off we went while biggie and Mr J had a play on the mega long slide. We met up again in the small soft play area, when it was pretty obvious both girls were by now, totally exhausted!

We called in to the little cottage café for a drink (biggie had a Magnum, such is her preference at these places!) The service is always excellent in here and it was no difference while we were there.

So, that was it, Twin Lakes done again.

We loved it so much this time that we decided to get an annual pass. We just needed to fill out a form and the lady in the office/reception was again absolutely lovely. She apologised for keeping us while she printed out our cards – it wasn’t that long but long enough for me to see her brilliantly deal with a complaining customer who was totally out of order! Respect to the lady, wish I’d have got her name!

Can’t wait to go back again…


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