Getting closer… A Slimming World update

Weighed in at group today and I lost half a pound, which means I’m now just 4.5lbs away from my target and have lost 3 st 9.5lbs by following the Slimming World plan.

To be this close to target is mind boggling… and actually, it’s starting to get a bit scary.

It’s easy when you’ve still got X stone to lose to get your head down and crack on, but when that lovely blue target certificate is within reach, it’s a bit of a different game.

The pounds are getting harder to shift and any off plan eating blatantly shows up on the scales come Monday morning. Even a blow out on a Monday or cheeky cheats on Tuesday, followed by faultless eating for the rest of the week have been slowing my progress down. Previously, treat meals or snacks early on in the week wouldn’t have affected my weight loss at all!

Recently, I find myself thinking about what is going to motivate me to stay at my target weight once I’m there. When you have a target, you’ve got something to aim for. When you get there – or in my case, ever so close – it’s getting a bit wobbly and grey.

I know for a fact I am going to be staying to group every week even when I’m at target because I need to stay accountable or else I’ll be piling on the weight again. My group is amazing and they’re so supportive so I’ll want to go to encourage my friends along their journey, just as they have been there for me.

But what worries me is being out there alone. I worry I’ll be of the mindset “well, I’m at target now, I’ll have some cake. And a bit of fudge. And some bread….” and that will obviously lead to a gain.

I suppose I just have this feeling that I will always need to have a new target in order to stay focussed. Maybe the answer will be to keep arranging holidays or a date where I want to be wearing something that’s a teeny bit smaller than I currently wear? I’ve no idea.

I think I’ll probably reset my target soon after reaching this one to get another half stone off, as I feel I’m still podgy in a few places (thighs, hips and bum). It might shift and tone up with more running, though.

One thing is for sure though, I cannot let myself go back from here.

Onwards to this week. I’m aiming for 2lbs off. Watch this space…


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